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Dont bother

Total waste of money. Doesnt work, the NFL network owns the rights to online streaming.

Pro football radio

Works great. Its better to click on flagship station when you select your team and give it a few seconds to load. Adding an NHL version of this app would be awesome.

Greattttt App

This is one of the best apps I have.Keep up the great work


Thanks for the great app!


My only issue was last week during the Saints game, this app wouldnt work for the last 1 min of the game! Drove me nuts, besides that, its never failed me! I love it!!!

Thank you !!

Highly recommended, especially for overseas fans.

Nothing shows up

No info or text cannot be seen as of today 11/08. What is going on?


Works fantastic!!!! The only minor issue is that I cant get a "Patriots" radio broadcast, I have to hear their opponents station - but in a way it adds to the entertainment to hear the negative analysis so its all good! I can hear the games and thats all that matters!!


I get to listen to all my steelers game while driving. Thank u

Pro radio

Here in Jamaica works like a charm. Great!

Bulls Review

The dates are wrong. For example Cincinnati bangles and San Francisco game says the dates on the 19th at 8:30pm when the game starts at 4:30pm on the 20th. Please fix. This is not the first time I had a issue with this App. In the past you can see all the teams but under each team the ONLY thing you can see is the radio for the team selected. The reason I like this App it is simple to use. You can find the date and the time of the game. What radio station it will be on and listen to it. The articles you can read and keep up to date. That all good when the App is working properly.


Love this app! Were able to listen to our favorite hometown teams although we currently live in another market area! From kickoff or toss up to the final buzzer we dont miss a single second of any of our games. We can also listen to any our game not just ours- couldnt ask for anything more from radio!

No Patriots Radio

Unfortunately, this app will not pick up home announcer Patriots broadcasts. Scott Zolak provides superior real time analysis, compared to the TV talking heads with their happy talk and network promos. But when the game starts, WBZ and affiliated stations go dark. "Contractual obligations". Bummer. You can switch to the opponents announcers, but they lack the depth of the team youre interested in and are generally homers for their own team.

Stopped working!

Absolutely loved this app and recommended it to many friends! Stopped working last weekend and am very upset! Had to go to tunein radio($7.99/month) to get Bears and Broncos games!!

Worthless app

If your a STEELER fan living in Los Angeles , this DOES NOT WORK !! Just try it. Every Sunday !! It does not play the STEELER home station, some other lame commentary. No Bill Hillgrove of Tunch Ilkin . WORTHLESS APP.


All the radio stations playing the games were blocked.

Great App for Flights

We were able to listen to the panther game on our flight back from CA. Worked great and made the flight better.

Love it!!

Yes!! Lots of alternatives for stations and play by play!

Mr. Mike

Great App!!! Use it every weekend here in the Philippines. May not hear my favorit team, (Stellers) but I can listen to whoever is playing on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night.

Love It

This app is flipping AWESOME! Im on the road every other Sunday so I miss a lot of games...just wish I knew of this sooner.

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